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6 Natural Treatments For Pet Allergies In Humans

09 January 2018
Pet allergens are ‘sticky’ and can cause allergy and asthma symptoms for a very long time. Using the right Allergy Friendly Cleaning Products will break down pet dander on contact. Odours and allergens are best taken out of the air with an effective Allergy Air Purifier, and the right Allergy Vacuum Cleaner will collect and retain pet hair and other allergens.

While most of us think pet allergies in humans are caused due to fur, it is actually caused due to dander. Synthetic antihistamines though provide relief exhibit side effects. Natural alternatives like quercetin, butterbur, essential oils, probiotics, apple cider vinegar, and saline rinse using neti pot help.

Getting rid of the pet is the first thought that flashes your mind when you realize you have a pet allergy. While this might seem like the easiest option, it is not quite so. Letting go your four-legged friend is not very easy, after all! A range of preventive and therapeutic solutions give us a sigh of relief.

It is a common misconception that animal fur is the sole reason for pet allergies. The fact, however, is not just fur, but flakes of skin called dander also trigger allergies. Dander could be present in the urine and saliva of the pet as well. These allergens give rise to symptoms like sneezing, watery eyes, runny nose, congestion, reddening of eyes, swelling, and itchy skin.

When you have allergies, your body treats those specific allergens as harmful substances (even though they are not) and attack them using antibodies. In this case, the antibodies produced are histamines.

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