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Meet Alfie!

Devon, South West

Alfie is one active dog who is a successful animal talent and show dog. Typical of the breed, he has a lovely black and tan coat colouring. His filming experience has made him a very good traveller, a hard worker & used to long days on his feet. He is a very friendly boy who loves to meet & work with new people. He is very obedient with a lot of confidence in trying new actions for scenes & being placed in strange, busy or noisy situations.


Training checklist:
- Dog-friendly

At the age of 2, he became the face of the Vitality adverts, starring as ‘Stanley’ alongside many famous faces in the world of sport. He continues to juggle his busy working & showing lifestyle & is always looking for new adventures & experiences.

Alfie has acting experience, having filmed for mainstream TV adverts Rugby World Cup idents and Cricket idents for Sky. He’s a very active dog so any scenes involving running or playing he can do with no problem.

Being a brave, confident dog who is capable of working in unusual situations, e.g. his recent advert riding in a moving bike’ Alfie is a suitable dog for a variety of roles requiring pet talent.

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