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Meet Bao!

Shar Pei
City of London, London

Let’s introduce Bao, the charming Shar Pei available for hire as both a dog model and a skilled animal actor. This adorable boy boasts the distinctive wrinkled visage that characterizes his breed. Playful and affable, Bao is a delightful companion who thrives on making new acquaintances. His service dog training has endowed him with remarkable patience, a coveted quality for any aspiring animal actor.

In a breed known for its reserved disposition, Bao stands out with his exceptionally sweet nature, rendering him a prime candidate for a variety of dog model roles across campaigns. Endowed with a joyful spirit, Bao’s presence brings a heartwarming touch to any scene. His inherent patience and self-assuredness translate into a remarkable ease when meeting new individuals. He effortlessly mingles with both children and fellow canines, making him an adaptable animal actor who can harmoniously share the frame with any cast. Bao’s enthusiasm for treats further enhances his manageability, streamlining his role as a beloved dog model.

Equipped with a foundational skill set, including trick training, he adeptly responds to cues even from a distance. Bao’s unique skill set positions him ideally for film and television roles aligned with his abilities, while his photogenic attributes make him equally appealing for pet photography campaigns.

Training checklist:
- Animal-friendly
- Child-friendly
- Dog-friendly
- Give paw
- People-friendly
- Recall
- Sit
- Stay

This beautiful dog model loves the limelight, and quite rightly too! He has starred in a London student fashion shoot where he walked the catwalk with style and grace, proving his ability as a stunning pet model from the word ‘go’.

Bao’s experience as a service dog is incredibly relevant to his overall performance as an animal actor. He worked in a professional capacity, developing his obedience, allowing him to take commands efficiently.

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