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City of London, London

Birds are perfect for on set work and these birds are available for hire upon request. A calm nature and incredible intelligence enable these animals to perform technical requests with ease.

Firstly, some have the added value of flight and can heighten the impact of a shot. Birds are generally happy to be placed on people or products. Secondly, they are generally calm and confident creatures that are not disturbed by new environments. Some are happy to work with other animals and a few can even dance!

We have a great variety of birds available, from parrots to budgies to hawks! Our birds have previous experience in both studios and on location. Have a look at the experience shown in the videos below!

Moreover, before booking, we need to ensure all animals are safe. Also, this process is to ensure you have the perfect talent for your project.

Lastly, Urban Paws can source any type of bird around the UK. Please get in touch for further details regarding birds for hire.

Training checklist:

All our birds are highly experienced with a skills set.  They are used to being in front of a camera or on set.

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