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Meet Daisy!

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Say hello to Daisy a fantastic Cockapoo pet influencer. Primarily, her expressive face makes her ideal for pet photography campaigns, and though she is currently a nano influencer. She has a loyal and engaged Instagram following, proving she is anything but camera shy.

Daisy promises a colourful daily picture of a wagging tail. Also, has a selection of pet clothing and accessories, a true fashion diva. She boasts a placid temperament and is open to wearing pet clothing and accessories, ideal for fashion and lifestyle brands. This content creator has an array of skills that can be useful in both moving imagery and still photography.

Daisy the cockapoo pet influencer regularly uploads stunning lifestyle photography to her Instagram page. In addition to giving it a tantalising and unique brand aesthetic. She is available as a brand ambassador, as well as, brand endorsements and pet food affiliation. Lastly, this fashionista is happy to work with fellow dogs and can handle any project given.

This petfluencer is one not to miss!


To date, Daisy has worked with a collection of brands and companies which include; Doffle Dog, Little Gems Pawdrobe, Bailey and Coco, Puppy Pawdrobe, Love From Paws, Luna Moon Pet Boutique and Pawfect Boss Boutique. 

- Adventure
- Available as a brand ambassador
- Available for pet food affiliation
- Blogger
- Brand endorsement
- Canine critic
- Content creation
- Dog-friendly visit
- Entertainment blogger
- Family focused
- Fashion blogger
- Food blogger
- Fun
- High quality photography
- Lifestyle blogger
- Media campaigns
- Online marketing
- Outdoors
- Pet placement
- Pet products
- Pet-friendly reviews
- Print marketing
- Product placement
- Product reviews
- Public relations campaigns
- Wears pet clothing and accessories
- Work with props
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