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Meet Freddie!

Golden Retriever
Cheshire, North West

Meet Freddie the Golden Retriever dog model and actor, he is a lovable, biddable, bundle of fun. Everyone who meets him loves him; he is always so happy and eager to please. He is a laid-back dog, with a great temperament. Firstly, Freddie has been well socialised with other dogs, adults and children with no issues.

This Golden Retriever dog model and actor relaxes in new environments very quickly and learns new tricks easily. This boy loves anyone and also doesn’t mind other animals; cats, horses, sheep, pigs, and cows are his favourites. Overall, he is an advanced expert trick dog and has all basic obedience. As well as, a few tricks that he can follow confidently and can work from a distance. Lastly, from an actor/stranger in any environment, nothing fazes him!


Training checklist:
- Act guilty
- Agility trained
- Balance on object
- Beg
- Can be placed in position
- Can work outdoors
- Cat-friendly
- Child-friendly
- Cover eyes/Act shy
- Dog-friendly
- Facial expressions
- Fake limp
- Fake wee
- Fetch item
- Food motivated
- Give hug
- Give paw
- Go around object/person
- Go to bed
- Go to mark
- Hairdryer-friendly
- Happy to be groomed
- Happy to be handled
- Head down
- Hold item
- Jump into/out of a car boot
- Jump up/on/over an object
- Leave item
- Lie down
- Look at point
- Paws up on object
- People-friendly
- Play dead
- Positional work
- Product placement
- Rest head
- Retrieve an item
- Reverse
- Rollover
- Send away
- Sit
- Sit pretty
- Spin (left/right)
- Stand
- Stay
- Swimming
- Touch item
- Touch with nose
- Toy motivated
- Travels well
- Treadmill trained
- Vacuum-friendly
- Vet-friendly
- Walk backwards
- Wears pet clothing + accessories
- Work from a distance
- Works with props
- Yoga

This stunning dog has pet modelling experience having worked for Scruffs; a dog bed company and he appears on the AVA nutrition for Pets at Home pet food packaging. As well as, the 888 Casino ‘Dogs Playing Poker’ campaign. Most recently, he has appeared in the pet food packaging and marketing campaigns for Iams pet food and he worked on an advertising campaign for Vets for pets.

In addition, Freddie worked with supermarket giant Aldi, modelling their Dog Tooth Brush and pet bed and blankets, and with Crown and Paw, a 19th century and renaissance pet portraiture company.

Lately, Freddie has been featured on the Panda London website promoting their latest mattress.


Also, Freddie has appeared in the Pets at Home TV advert, which was shown on prime time TV around Britain’s Top 100 Dogs on ITV. In the Bacofoil TV advert where Freddie was required to work with a child actor and his on-screen mum which he did with no issues.

In addition, he has appeared in the pet food packaging and marketing campaigns for Iams pet food and he worked on an advertising campaign for Vets for pets
Also, he has worked with a corporate travel company, Sykes Cottages as part of their lifestyle marketing.

Lately, Freddie was used in a National Rail advert in raising awareness of the dangers of distractions. Also, Freddie did a great job depicting the brief.

Most recently, he can be found on the Pets and Friends website promoting their products and deals!

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