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Meet Herbie!

French Bulldog
Greater London, London

Herbie is a very loveable & playful Blue French Bulldog male. He gets on very well with other dogs & has a puppy brother at home to play with.

Herbie is good with children & lives in a household with 3 human siblings. He has a friendly & lovable temperament & it would be hard not to fall in love with him.

Herbie is very food-driven which makes training easy. He has pet modelling experience in both a studio environment & also out on location.

Training checklist:
- Balance on object
- Can be placed in position
- Can work outdoors
- Child-friendly
- Dog-friendly
- Food motivated
- Happy to be handled
- High five
- Jump up/on/over an object
- Lie down
- People-friendly
- Product placement
- Ride a moving object
- Sit
- Stand
- Stay
- Travels well
- Treadmill trained
- Wear glasses
- Wears pet clothing + accessories
- Work from a distance
- Works with props

Herbie has recently filmed his first commercial for Haven official TV advert which required Herbie to sit on tri-cycle with two young girls whilst in motion. Most recently, Herbie has attended a PR event at the Legoland Windsor Resort, where their new mascot Dexter the Dog was unveiled.

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