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Reptiles are fantastic creatures with unique and attention-grabbing appearances. This makes reptile hire an easy way to instantly increase the memorability and presence of an image or film. We have a large variety of reptiles for hire!

Not a common sight in the UK/Europe, reptiles come in a wide variety of breeds each offering different looks and abilities – whether you’re looking to work with chameleons, geckos, giant snakes or any other kind of reptile! They are easily transported and can relax easily and quickly in new environments.

These fierce-looking creatures are ideal for photography stills and some may be available for moving imagery. They are perfect to create a sense of fierceness but also great to show a variety of animals.

Before booking, we need to ensure all animals are safe. In fact, to find the best talent for you, we enquire about any briefs or storyboards. This process is to ensure you have the perfect talent for your project.

Lastly, Urban Paws can source any type of reptile around the UK. Please get in touch for further details regarding reptiles for hire.

Training checklist:

We only work with experienced and ethical reptile handlers to create the best experience possible for our animal models and our clients.

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