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A Birman cat is semi-longhaired with darker colouring to the points, face, legs, ears and tail, and a pale toning body colour. It is a largish cat with thickset body and short legs. Birman cats are known as especially loving and affectionate breeds, having been bred as companion cats for many generations. They are docile and quietly spoken. Birman cats are sociable, smart and friendly cats, curious and people-oriented, but not too noisy.

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As opposed to many of their cat breed siblings, the Birman is a rather heavily boned cat which can give it an almost stocky appearance. Due to this, they require regular exercise and careful dieting to stay in shape. A Birman that is well taken care of can be a little bundle of joy and will frequently attach themselves to one person seeking out their attention wherever they go. Its unique appearance amongst other cat breeds and animals in general means that the Birman is frequently utilised within various marketing and public relation campaigns to provide personality and individuality.

While many domestic cats do not require a great deal of care to stay healthy, at Urban Paws UK we always carry out our due diligence before allowing for an animal to be hired. By carrying out checks on the animal’s behavioural and medical characteristics we are able to ascertain whether they are prepared to enter a working environment without compromising the safety of the other workers and animals.


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If you would like to inquire into any one of our Birman cat models or would simply like to speak to a member of the Urban Paws team, please do not hesitate to get in touch on either our London number 020 8161 6556, our Manchester number 0161 808 1667 or our email address info@urbanpawsuk.com.


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