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Bella Shines in Bought by Many Campaign

11 January 2020

Bought by Many Campaign Stars Urban Paws UK’s Mixed Breed star

Bella the Mixed Breed animal actor took to screens and newspapers in a brilliant new Bought by Many campaign this year. It came about after the organisation passed the 100,000 pet insurance policyholders milestone.

Congrats to Bought by Many pet insurance! Let’s take a closer look at the campaign.

What is Bought by Many?

Brought by Many is one of the UK’s largest pet insurance companies and was last year voted the country’s most trusted. It offers insurance for a number of different pets, most prominently cats and dogs.

The company made history in 2020 by passing the 100,000 mark of pet insurance policyholders and thus decided to celebrate with a new multi-media marketing campaign that highlights some of the difficulties of owning a dog in an adorable and endearing way.

What is the new campaign?

The new Bought by Many campaign is called ‘Love Your Pet Better’ and stars Bella, an Urban Paws UK signed mongrel. The initiative is first and foremost a television campaign and you may have seen it earlier this year. It also featured print and online marketing materials (also starring Bella), which saw it get exposure in national publications like The Guardian and The Daily Mail.

The television campaign highlights how mischievous our furry friends can be and how essential pet insurance is for any dog owner. Bella had to perform many advanced tricks across multiple shoots and we’re so proud of her for doing such a good job. Stills from the campaign were then used to create compelling press and digital advertisements for wider market reach.

Steven Mendel, CEO of Bought By Many, said: “We’re thrilled to launch the ‘Love Your Pet Better’ campaign. At Bought By Many, we understand that owning a pet isn’t always glamorous, but is always rewarding. Pet owners love their pets no matter what so we’ve designed pet insurance they can love too. We’ve worked hard to understand pet owners to create better pet insurance, and it’s great to hit the milestone of 100,000 customers. We’re especially pleased to see our customer numbers increase while maintaining such high levels of customer service, which is a testament to our committed and growing team. 

Check out the tv ad for yourself;

And just who is Bella?

Bella is a Mixed Breed dog model signed to Urban Paws UK. She is a Chihuahua x Jack Russell Terrier; two fine pedigree breeds. Bella is a talented animal actor who knows a vast array of commands which she demonstrated throughout the campaign such as jumping onto an actors lap and dragging a sheet.

She has previously worked on shows like BBC’s Doctors as well as photoshoots with big brands like Primark. Bella is a real superstar and one of our finest Mixed Breeds, a group that is thankfully starting to get more representation and appreciation.

Mixed breeds like Bella are very effective at pulling in new customers as they represent the ‘every-dog’ and are immediately empathetic and endearing. We’ve seen mixed breed dogs shoot to stardom and become famous dog models, animal actors, and even pet influencers. It’s always amazing to see a ‘rags to riches’ story and watch a former rescue dog (which sadly so many Mixed Breeds are) become a world-renowned bit of animal talent.

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