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Recent posts

Lacoste – Save Our Species

Lacoste is best known for its easily recognisable crocodile logo, but the embroidered logo will now feature...
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Travelling with pets after Brexit

In the event of the UK leaving the EU without a Brexit deal, this is the current advice for pet owners wanting to travel...
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2019 - Year of the Pig

According to Chinese Zodiac, the pig is the 12th animal in the 12-year cycle of zodiac animals, as in numerous myths...
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In a Relationship with My Dog This Valentines...

It’s 2019 which means one thing – us girls can be in a relationship with who or whatever we want.
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Pet Influencers

Social media influencers have become increasingly popular in recent years. With the growth of social media platforms such as...
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Guinea Pigs - The Big Picture

Guinea pigs are colourful characters, with unique personalities and quirks. Some adopt a more laid back, relaxed approach...
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Mixed breed, fluffy and scruffy dog models are in demand!

Scruffy, fluffy dogs and crossbreed dogs have never been more popular in TV, film and media and here at Urban Paws UK.
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Iconic Animal Models: The Lord of the Rings horses

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Little Mix - Dobermann Like Me

Here at Urban Paws we often have cause to get very excited about projects we have had involvement with.
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Top 10 Tips on Dog Modelling

Dog modelling is a fun way to earn some extra cash for both you and your pet.
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It’s a dogs life…Top products this week!

As you all know we love sharing new pet products that are on the market and we are huge fans of products that are natural...
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No bones about it…10 DANGERS why not to give your dog a bone!!

I NEVER give my Yorkshire terrier Buttons, bones of any sort, as I thought I was very aware of the dangers.
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