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Urban Paws UK on BBC One's Inside Out

The internet has long been known for its love of animal pictures and videos, whether that's in the form of funny cat videos or social media accounts for dogs, people just cannot get enough of seeing adorable fluffy animals (and some not-so-fluffy) on the web. Given this, there is little wonder that these animals make for such attractive advertisers companies looking to find their next marketing campaign header.

At Urban Paws we like to be on the forefront (or is that pawfront?) of this trend, looking for the best and brightest who could work as animal models and actors, helping to bridge the gap between talented animals with a roster of skills and companies looking to find the pawfect new star for their campaign.

Due to the exponential growth of Urban Paws UK we were approached by the BBC and asked if we could be interviewed for one of their specials. The special aired on the 24th September 2018 during the BBC Inside Out North West show, and featured UPUK's proud owner, Layla Flaherty who explained just how she came to launch Urban Paws, her motivations, and what a general day in the life of a Pet Detective is like.

"We've worked with worldwide companies [...] really big names. It's fun working with animals and I suppose not knowing what you're going to get asked for next".

The feature focused on our recent work with Gucci's latest campaign which featured Harry Styles (of One Direction fame of course) visiting a chip shop with his pet chicken, while Haribo the cat watched on.

The Urban Paws team work alongside advertisers to help find the perfect animal for each individual brief and ensure that all animals placed are fully trained and up to scratch for their time on set.

Interviews with the models

Speaking of which, the show then lead on to an interview with Janet Conelly - the owner of four wonderful Dalmatians Paris, Vienna, Rome and Florence - and then on to an interview with Katie Ramsden - owner of Marley the Cockapoo - who both spoke of their experience as the owners and handlers of animal models and social media influencers.

You can find out more about Urban Paws UK on our website