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Apollo - Male Maine Coon, Age: 4 years and 4 months

Apollo, a handsome Maine Coon, with a bright and beautiful ginger coat. This boy has stunning facial features, that are beautifully defined, which really add to his character. A calm and collected boy yet lion-like in appearance.

Having a special bond with his human at home, Apollo is always cuddled up to him helping him work on his laptop.

Pet Acting/Modelling Ability

Apollo has a fabulous personality that comes across in photography well. Being cool and collective whenever the camera is out, he always looks marvellous.

Luckily, Apollo has had the life of luxury, having lived all around the world (New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Paris, Budapest) with his humans and his sister, Artemis. He is happy travelling and likes to meet new people as he has a very warm nature and is at ease with all humans and other animals.


Positional work
Harness trained
Happy to work outdoors
Travels well
Will work with children
Works well with other animals following an introduction

Pet Influencer

His adventures on Instagram are always inspired by real-life actions, with a spice of artistic imagination. Currently having over 111k followers on Instagram, he can be found on all social media platforms, so he makes a great 'pet influencer'.

Working with pet influencers is an excellent way of advertising your product, as depending on what it is and who you work with. We are positive to reach the right audience for you.

Pet Acting/Modelling Experience

Artemis & Apollo have been featured in The Purrington Post. They also attended the Cartoon Network, UniKitty premiere, the UK's first cat premiere! Artemis and her brother Apollo were special guests at the premiere. They both strut their stuff on the red carpet in front of the cameras, then settled down to watch the premiere.

As well as this, they both model for their social media accounts on a regular basis, recently Apollo and his sister Artemis worked on a Pet Influencer campaign for TikTok.

Their pictures are stunning, and their owners can pretty much do anything to create a stunning image with these beautiful cats.

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