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Bali - Male Tonkinese, Age: 9 years and 8 months

Meet Bali, a middle-aged Tonkinese cat that still carries his kitten looks. His unique appearance and gorgeous aqua-blue eyes make him very photogenic as Tonkinese cats are simply beautiful. His Champagne fur is short, soft, fluffy and very silky and his sky blue eyes really speak to you.

Cat acting / Modelling ability

Bali is very friendly towards people of all ages, as well as strangers and is easily handled. Shy at first, until he gets to know you; he might blush at being the centre of attention if he were a human! This pawsome boy is well trained with all the basic commands such as sit, stay and lie down and also gives a paw when asked.

Tonkinese cats count Siamese and Burmese as their forebearers, so have some of their best qualities. Bali demonstrates this perfectly as he is vocal, friendly and active. True to his Tonkinese breeding, Bali is an intelligent cat and loves his training sessions. He is obedient and responds well to his handlers. As he is so compliant, he is a great cat on set once he comes out of his shell.


Lie Down
Give paw

Cat acting / Model experience

This Tonkinese cat has beautiful deep blue eyes that draw focus in photos, making Bali a great representative for glamorous brands. The glossy coat and sheen provide a certain elegance in all photography so Bali is a fabulous cat model for high fashion brands, lifestyle and home products that have a touch of class. As Bali follows instruction so carefully, he is a great cat to have on set or in the studio. He is sociable with every human he meets so he's very easy to work with. Give him a gentle rub behind the ears and he's all yours!

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