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Earl Grey

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Earl Grey - Male Persian, Age: 3 years and 3 months

Born in November 2015, Earl Grey the cat, is an adventurous soul, always out and about meeting new people. As he moves into adulthood, he shows the traditional Persian traits of being calm and gentle, yet is brave and fearless as he encounters new surroundings all the time. He is a pampered pet, but also comical and inquisitive.

Pet acting / Modelling ability

Earl Grey is harness and lead trained and his humans regularly take him for walks out and about, meeting new people of all ages and seeing new sights all the time. Earl Grey is able to work with other cats, humans, and dogs.

He loves to travel and particularly enjoys bus and rail travel, meeting fellow passengers. He is no stranger to the salon where he is regularly groomed and has his manicures; just like any human model! This makes him perfect as a cat model and cat actor as he is not fazed by the studio environment or working with new people. He is happy working in noisy and busy surroundings.

Earl Grey enjoys dressing up making him suitable for all fashion briefs; he's a very glamorous kitty. His facial expressions are priceless and really emit emotion suitable for any occasion or scenario.


Harness and lead trained
Wears clothes
Travels on public transport

Pet acting / Modelling experience

This Persian kitty is more than happy to work outside and in the studio environment. His long locks of fur make him a stunning cat model perfect for luxury brands. As he is happy on public transport, Earl Grey can work with automotive brands, in transport advertising and he will also make a fabulous high fashion model. He is being considered for editorial photography as well as moving images work.

To book Earl Grey for your next project, contact paula@urbanpawsuk.com

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