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Fluffles - Female British Shorthair, Age: 2 years and 5 months

Introducing Fluffles, the gorgeous female British Short Hair - an up and coming pet influencer. This fluffy (as the name indicates) silver tabby lady with green-ish eyes is becoming very popular on Instagram with over 8,000 real followers. This isn't surprising though, as she's so adorable and affectionate. What's more; the British Shorthair Cat is one of the most popular breeds of choice in the United Kingdom - success guaranteed, then.

Cat acting / Modelling ability

Fluffles is very confident in new surroundings, as together with her human, Fluffles is quite the tourist. A very social cat, she loves being around new people and is happy in noisy environments. A regular traveller on public transport, Fluffles enjoys getting out and about on her harness and lead. Happy to work outdoors, she is a perfect candidate for working on large, exterior film sets.

With an incredibly emotive face and striking eyes the size of saucers, Fluffles is a perfect brand ambassador and will suit products and services of all kinds, particularly those of an outdoor and natural feel.


Harness and lead trained
Give paw
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Wear clothes and glasses

Social Media Pet Influencer

Micro influencer, Fluffles, has a strong presence online with a loyal following and high engagement rates. With 8000 followers on Instagram she posts humourous content that is relatable and accessible. Her posts centre around her travels with lots of great images of Fluffles out and about, living her best life!

Her human mum about to launch Fluffles' YouTube channel and write a children's book documenting her adventures. Fluffles is getting excited about all forthcoming opportunities!

Cat acting / Model experience

This kitty is gaining in experience working on set. She has already worked with ITV for 'Teach My Pet to Do That'. She is a very calm and collected cat, true to her British Short Hair breeding and takes instruction from her handler well. A fabulous on-set cat, Fluffles is well natured and sweet and a dream to work with.

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