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Frodo - Male Norwegian Forest, Age: 6 years and 8 months

Meet Frodo, a gorgeous Norwegian Forest Cat. He has blue and white tabby markings with a fabulous white ruff which shows off his big, green eyes.

Cat Acting / Modelling Ability

He loves everyone and is a gentle boy that is very sociable with all animals. He gets on well with dogs of all sizes and also lives with other cats. His brother, a Siberian Forest Cat named Simba is also with Urban Paws UK.

Due to his show career he is well used to travelling and being handled by others. At shows he is used to stretching up cat trees. A very large cat, he is also trained to walk on a leash and harness.


Lie down
Harness trained

Cat Acting/Modelling Experience

Frodo is an experienced show cat and travels the country appearing at TICA (The International Cat Association) events. He is a Regional Winner and has Supreme Grand Champion Alter titles. His appearance is simply stunning and would complement any sort of advert. We can picture him in adverts for luxury items such as furnishings and luxurious pet foods.

Being a show cat he is incredibly well groomed but he also has the rugged and wild look typical of a Norwegian Forest Cat so he would be great at advertising products relating to being in the great outdoors also.

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