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Lexie - Female Ragdoll, Age: 4 years and 4 months

Meet the beautiful Lexie, a Ragdoll Seal Colourpoint. A full pedigree, Lexie's full name is Grand Premier Bludiamonds Maleficent, reflecting her splendour. Lexie loves to be lavished with attention and her magnificent appearance means this is something that she is never short of.

Cat acting / Modelling Ability

A very special cat, Lexie has a pet passport and can travel for work abroad. Her striking blue eyes and perfect colouring make her the most impressive cat model. She is skilled in recall, sit and stay, which make her very easy to work with. Lexie can work with adults and children alike, bringing a calm and soothing nature to everyone she meets. This lady thrives from attention from people so she is very approachable with new people and outgoing. Lexie's beauty and striking blue eyes are typical of the Ragdoll breed and so is her affectionate nature.

An experienced show cat, Lexie is at home travelling and is used to working in busy and noisy environments. Working on set is a doddle for this cat.



Cat Acting / Modelling Experience

She is an experienced cat model who has done previous work for Webbox, Marks & Spencer and Hallmark. She is perfect for stills and film work because of her stunning look and attention loving personality and her previous experience means this is territory that she is familiar with.

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