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Shady - Male Bengal, Age: 2 years and 6 months

Meet the adorable Shady; an incredibly photogenic Bengal with fabulous markings. He's playful in character and shares a loving bond with his human.

Cat Acting/Modelling Ability

Shady shares his home with Casper, Jasmine, Clee, Siena, and Tweed (also signed to Urban Paws UK) and simply loves feline company. Able to work with other cats on set, Shady also loves humans of all ages and is happy working with unfamiliar actors.

Shady has greenish blue eyes that show up beautifully against his Bengal Snow colour. His markings are simply stunning, which makes him perfect for any photo shoot; that and he is a real poser (as you can see from his pictures below). His name might be Shady but he loves the limelight and wouldn't want to hide in the shade on any project. This is a cat who wants to shine.


Harness and lead trained

Social media pet influencer

Along with the rest of the clan, Shady features heavily on the Cositoes social media pages. Doing very well particularly on Facebook and Instagram, the Cositoes household is very popular for the fabulous, professional photography and cute cats in every post. Both the Instagram and Facebook pages are famed for the seasonally themed photos. Shady is available for sponsored posts and his social media pages are suitable for a wide variety of brands.

Cat Acting/Modelling Experience

An experienced show cat, he has worked on set and in studios many times in the past; Shady has a wealth of experience. On set, he is calm and relaxed and really plays up to the camera. Suitable for luxury home and fashion brands, there is a whole wealth of products that Shady can help promote.

In all, this cat is available for cat modelling jobs according to his skill set as well as social media influencer work.

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