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Skye - Female Domestic Shorthair, Age: 1 years and 2 months

Skye, an adorable domestic short hair kitty, was born in December 2017. Skye has a sweet and affectionate nature. Her silky tabby and white fur, cute facial features with a button nose, and her soulful eyes make her an incredibly photogenic cat indeed.

Currently in training and learning a variety of skills and tricks, Skye is a typical younger cat, eager to learn and happy to play.

Cat acting / Modelling ability

Good with humans of all ages, Skye is also happy working with strangers and large groups of people; not fazed at all by a busy studio environment. Able to work in many scenarios, Skye bonds quickly with children and can also work with other animals. On her last film shoot, she worked alongside four puppies and three cats. As she shares her home with an African Grey parrot, Skye can even work alongside birds.

This kitty is happy to travel and isn't perturbed by long car journeys, public transport or new environments so is the ideal choice for any advertising or marketing brief that requires travel and transport.



Cat acting / Modelling experience

Although Skye is still young, she has already worked on a major film shoot on location in a vets practice (no mean feat for a cat!) She filmed for a TV commercial for Vets4Pets. She cooperated brilliantly in front of a large film crew, following commands from her handler well. A treat to work with, the crew commented on how easy she was to handle and how sweet natured she was on set.

A calm and collected, yet playful kitty, Skye is a dream to work with. She has the classic 'domestic' look about her and will be suitable for briefs that are angled around the family or home. With that sweet glint she has in her eyes, she will capture everyone's heart!

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