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Django and Juke Star in KSI’s ‘Really Love’ Video

24 November 2020

Rapper and Youtuber KSI has collaborated with Craig David to release the winter anthem, Really Love. The single debuted at number one in the UK and has become an instant hit.

However, it wasn’t KSI, Craig David, or even fellow collaborator Digital Farm Animals who stole the show; it was Siberian Huskys Juke and Django.

What is Really Love?

Really Love is the brand new single from KSI featuring Craig David and Digital Farm Animals. The song’s music video is winter themed and uses a green screen to make it appear that KSI is chilling on a snowy mountain. In reality, the video was filmed in East London.

Since then, the track has taken KSI, David, and Digital Farm Animals to number one in the UK charts, dethroning Miley Cyrus’ Midnight Sky which had previously spent five weeks at the top.

However, to really bring the campaign to life and give it that wintery vibe, the production required two huge Siberian Huskys. Luckily, we at Urban Paws UK knew just the boys for the job.

Who are Juke and Django?

Juke and Django are a pair of Siberian Husky dog models and animal actors. Urban Paws UK booking agent Nemo Reeve signed the pair, who are relatively new to the world of animal talent.

However, this didn’t stop the two from putting on a fantastic show on the set of Really Love. They were initially hired to look intimidating and cut a stern pose alongside KSI. Yet, when it came time to perform, the pair responded to KSI and David’s dog-loving approach, and Django gave KSI a big sloppy kiss.

Nemo said the scene was entirely improvised but ended up making the final cut;

“When we were given the brief, it sounded like it might be quite an aggressive scene, but obviously it didn’t turn out like that at all. Their owners … said the two guys were both so good with them, that they could have walked off the set and the dogs wouldn’t even have noticed!”

“That’s like a dream shoot. You’ve got models and artists who are happy to be with the dogs. And the dogs are really comfortable; they can just be themselves, so everyone enjoys it.”

Take a look at this behind the scenes video to see Juke and Django in action.

Needless to say, Juke and Django did Urban Paws UK proud, and we’re super excited to hire them out again.

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