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Abbie - Female Labrador, Age: 2 years and 1 months

Abbie is stunning female black Labrador that is well trained in all basic obedience.

Pet Acting/Modelling Ability

Abbie has been taught using positive reward based training. She is highly intelligent and extremely quick to learn. She takes direction both voice and hand signals well and aims to always please., ideal for most animal acting briefs. As well as being commands, Abbie also attends agility and knows all agility equipment; jumps, seesaw, tunnels, dogwalk, A-frame and weaves. Due to this, she can follow a sequence of commands from a distance with ease. She also enjoys dog diving and is jumping further all the time making this stunning Lab a real-life action dog.


Leave it
Nose touch
Back up onto objects
Go to mark
Get into an object, for example, a box
Stand on objects (all 4 paws)
Jump on/over/through an object
Can finish between legs
Press objects too and currently transferring that onto a bell and a lever.

Although Abbie leads an active lifestyle she is also quite happy to just curl up on the sofa and snuggle with the cat. She has a fantastic temperament and loves all people including children and other dogs alike. She has a very trusting nature.

In all, Abbie makes a fantastic pet model suitable for a wide variety of roles.

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