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Alfie - Male Dachshund (Miniature Smoothhaired), Age: 6 years and 3 months

Alfie is a male Miniature Smooth Dachshund with a big personality. For a small breed he is very fit & active and has already had a successful career as a pet model & as a show dog (becoming a UK Champion at just 18 months old).

Pet Acting / Modelling Ability

Alfie loves to travel & visit new places whether for work or leisure, & has already had experience of travelling abroad by road, rail & air with recent visits to Belgium, Holland & South Africa for filming & dog shows & despite the long trips, he always has so much energy that it doesn’t affect his ability to perform. His filming experience has made him a very good traveller, a hard worker & used to long days on his feet. He is a very friendly boy who loves to meet & work with new people. He is very obedient with a lot of confidence in trying new actions for scenes & being placed in strange, busy or noisy situations.

He's a confident boy so is quite bombproof being put in unusual situations/positions & not being close his handler. He works better alone, being the only dog in a scene. He hasn't worked with other animals but being a Dachshund it's unlikely he would sit still if there was a cat or rabbit around!


Stay (which can be done up close and from a distance)
Lay on back
Hold positions for a considerable length of time
Confident being in hold positions in strange or unusual situations
Go to mark
Happy to be held
Happy in moving objects i.e a bicycle
Comfortable walking on a treadmill

Dog Acting / Modelling Experience

At the age of 2, he became the face of the Vitality adverts, starring as ‘Stanley’ alongside many famous faces in the world of sport. He continues to juggle his busy working & showing lifestyle & is always looking for new adventures & experiences.

Alfie has acting experience, having filmed for mainstream TV adverts Rugby World Cup idents and Cricket idents for Sky. He's a very active dog so any scenes involving running or playing he can do with no problem.

Being a brave, confident dog who is capable of working in unusual situations, e.g. his recent advert riding in a moving bike' Alfie is a suitable dog for a variety of animal acting roles requiring pet talent.

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