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Archie - Male Lurcher, Age: 1 years and 8 months

Archie is a white and brindle, male Lurcher who is currently being trained as an assistance dog. His handler has trained dogs for several years including trick and obedience training and he is a very bright dog who she believes could pick up virtually anything.

Pet Acting/Modelling Ability

Although young, he has a good level of obedience and is very calm in public, due to his assistance dog training. He visits shopping centres, restaurants, pubs and busy events. Archie can be cheeky when he wants to be, but when he is focused he is very hard working and very intelligent. He is very food motivated and eager to please. Archie is being taught commands by both voice and hand signal and will following commands from a distance and is happy to work for other people, and currently at silver kennel club good citizen award.


Right and left paw
Sit on a matt
Put both paws up
Touch with nose
Close doors
Fetch items and hold
Put items into the bin
Play dead
Weave in and out of legs
Go to mark
Bark on command
Jump up/on/over an object
Jump into/out of car boot
Can 'orbit' (walk around handler)
Happy to wear pet clothing/accessories
He also does agility and bikejor (can pull a bike/any other item)
Wave to name but a few

Dog Acting/Modelling Experience

Archie is one of the first psychiatric assistance dogs in the UK and has been featured on the radio, in newspapers and in Dogs Monthly Magazine raising awareness. He is also an ambassador for Lurchers, who can to have a bad reputation, proving they can be incredibly smart and obedient.

Archie loves people of all ages including children but can be over excited to start with, but settles down very quickly. He is the same with dogs as he wants to play as he is still a young dog.

He is a suitable pet model for a variety of roles working with other dogs or actors/models, as well as other large animals requiring pet talent.

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