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Archie Noodle

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Archie Noodle - Male Lurcher, Age: 1 years and 8 months

Archie Noodle is a male Italian Greyhound. This stunning dog is intelligent, deeply affectionate & full of expression.

Pet Acting / Modelling Ability

As a people’s dog Archie loves being in human company, a typical velcro dog. This snuggle monster loves nothing more than to get into his human's jumper or snuggle in his onesies. He is always out and about and well socialised to many situations. Even crowded places aren't a problem for this dog model.

Archie has the absolute best dog's life and loves to play rough and tumble and get muddy. As a friendly dog there isnt much that phases this boy, he is well socialised with other dogs as well. He is gentle and affectionate with people of all ages including children.

This stunning dog has a very versatile look and works well in front of the camera. He can work with props with no issues and can also work from a distance from his handler.


Lie down
Play dead on command
High 5
Shake/give paw
Speak on command

Dog Acting / Modelling Experience

Archie has pet modelling experience and to date has worked with Parmagray. for Salon International, Brighton Fringe, The Warren Promotions. He has also modelled for some Etsy sellers.

Archie recently appeared on the front cover of Shortlist editorial Magazine with Welsh actor Taron Egerton.

This Italian Greyhound is a beautiful pet suitable for small roles; ideal for pet modelling briefs.

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