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Archie - Male West highland Terrier, Age: 9 years and 2 months

Archie is a mature West Highland terrier male and full of Character. He’s a cheeky chappy who is very loving & although independent, enjoys a cuddle & loves being around people.

Pet Acting/Modelling Ability

This handsome chap can take direction well even from strangers and he can work from a distance with no issues. He is a well trained & obedient boy knowing lots of commands and he is very easy to train with new commands & skills given a short time frame. This is a Westie that is very willing & eager to please as long as there’s food as an incentive he will give anything a go. He is good with people of all ages including children but better working alone & cannot work with other intact male dogs as he is still a full male. But the majority of the time he is great with all.


Lie down
Give his paw
Speak on command
Lift paws
Sit on hind legs
Go to mark
Walk on a lead to name but a few...

Dog Acting/Modelling Experience

Archie has a lot of pet modelling experience having shot the Next Christmas catalogue (2016), Redhound for dog’s photo shoot for country life & Redound for Dogs - jumpers for dog’s book. As well as modelling, he has acting experience having done panto work with Shane Richie at various theatres each Christmas. Most recently Archie has worked for a PR campaign for Vets Now advert & for Vivid Toys Animac commercial - videos below and most recently he worked on a music video for Jennie Ruby Jane - Blackpink - Solo album.

He is not fazed by studio lights or sound on Stage in a big theatre, he is very relaxed on set and very easy to handle.

In all, Archie is a handsome chap, suitable for most roles requiring pet talent.

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