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Bo - Male American Akita, Age: 4 years and 5 months

Bo is an absolutely beautiful long haired American Akita based in the UK. This amazing American Akita can BO-ast an impressive following on Instagram. With his stunning markings, it's clear to see why this in-demand pet is a pet model and influencer.

Social Media Pet Influencer

As well as being a handsome pet model suitable for stills photography & small acting roles, Bo's popularity means he is an in-demand social media influencer on Instagram and Twitter.

We know Bo is active online but Bo is also a very active boy offline as well. He likes to share his outdoor adventures including playing in the snow and he likes to wear accessories. He is very photogenic and he enjoys posing with a wide range of products which he helps advertise. Followers of Bo can also keep up with his furry companions in his animal-loving household. Gentle Bo is happy to pose with all of his family on pictures. He is so popular he is becoming a brand all of his own.

Bo is fantastic with people of all ages including children. This large breed can be excitable at first but settles quickly. With regards to working with other dogs, Bo can achieve this as long as he is formally introduced first. He is a well-socialised pet and is great with other animals which include chickens, birds and cats. In fact he does a very good job taking care of his cat companions who he loves dearly.


Lie down
Give paw
Open boxes
Touch with nose
Jump up/on/over an object
Walk on a lead
Happy to wear pet clothing & accessories
Can work with props
Howl on command

Dog Acting/Modelling Experience

With a strong following and experience of working with well-known brands this amazing American Akita looks sure to only keep on growing as a pet influencer and if you would like him to BO-nd with your product or project then let us know. He makes the ideal pet to advertise products and to date has worked with; Shark, Pet Safe,Catit and Burns Pet Food.

In all, this great fluffy gently teddy bear makes an ideal pet for a variety of roles.


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