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Buttons - Female Shih Tzu, Age: 5 years and 9 months

Buttons is a pretty adult female Shih Tzu. This dog model is a bit of a diva at times which always makes people giggle but loves to please. She has a lovely calm gentle temperament but can be equally playful when she's around toys & treats. She loves to do tricks & dog agility with either a treat or toy - though she does tend to think with her stomach!

Dog Modelling/ Acting Ability

Buttons is incredibly intelligent & responsive at her young age, as she's keen to learn new things & perform known commands. This is helped by the fact that her owner has used positive reinforcement in training, using methods such as clickers, treats & toys to make her more enthusiastic. Positivity through training is all Buttons has known from day one, as she started training when she was a puppy. She know's approximately 80 commands and is a very quick learner as she picks up new things rather swiftly. She loves to perform in front of people - she is quite a show-off! She can work from a distance to voice and hand signals.


High five
Roll over
Walk on hind legs
Turn in different directions or in circles
Go to mark
Jump up/over/on an object
To name but a few...

Pet Modelling experience

Buttons has pet modelling experience having worked for Royal Canin advert campaign. She took direction well & responded to command on set.

Her Shih Tzu qualities & characteristics make Buttons very loyal & friendly towards people and other animals, making her highly lovable. Buttons loves all dogs & is very friendly towards all of them. She will concentrate & do tricks even with other dogs around.

She is an ideal animal actor for any kind of role requiring specialised pet talent.

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