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Dobby - Male Dachschund, Age: 3 years and 3 months

Dobby is a male Miniature Dachshund with a lot of personality. He really is a little character. This friendly, approachable chap, loves anyone & everyone.

Pet Acting / Modelling Ability

He will happily work with every one of all ages, including children but can be submissive with larger dogs but never shows any aggression. He is very responsive & never fails to listen to a command as he is eager to please.

Social Media Pet Influencer

He's a fantastic little dog with a great temperament that has the handsome looks to match, as well as a devoted social media following his every move!


Lie down from a distance
Give paw in your hand
Fetch a toy

Dog Acting / Modelling Experience

This striking Dachshund has previous pet modelling experience having modelled for Next pet range & he has also done PR work at the Ladies Day for Beverly Race Course working with the actor Ryan Thomas.

Dobby is the perfect pet suitable for work with anyone & other dogs according to his dog skill set & he is the perfect pet for marketing campaigns with his strong social media presence.

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