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Ellie - Female Labradoodle, Age: 6 years and 10 months

Elle is a gorgeous Labradoodle female. Being a Labradoodle means she has an endless energy supply and is always ready for whatever task is needed of her.

Pet Acting / Modelling Ability

Ellie takes part in agility, doggy dancing, obedience and dock diving. She is highly intelligent and responsive when learning new skills. She is highly well trained knowing over 150 behaviours on cue and some can be done with voice commands or hand signals. She has passed her bronze, silver and gold good citizen dog scheme tests. She can perform obedience style tricks & any agility obstacle.

Ellie has been trained 100% force free & the majority of her tricks are clicker trained. She responds really well to the clicker & some tricks only took a matter of minutes to teach so teaching her new tricks is not a problem with notice. She will work for both toys & treats and will do anything for a tennis ball!

Ellie is a very confident swimmer, an all-around action dog. Being a Labradoodle she can be cut or styled as needed, with notice. She is happy wearing jumpers & other attire also. Ellie can work with other dogs permitted they are introduced calmly. She is great with kids & will work for anyone & work from a distance.


Roll over
Play dead
Head down on floor
Walk on hind legs
Jump over object
Go around an object
Leg weave
Retrieve any object
Hold an object in her mouth
Circle backwards round handler or object
High five / high ten
Walk backwards
Hide eyes with paw
Hide face on objects
Tidy toys up- put objects into a box
Go to target
...to name but a few

Dog Acting / Modelling Experience

Ellie has pet modelling experience, having modelled for The White Company & Pets at Home for their Christmas campaigns. She has also performed in front of big crowds at the National pet show, Crufts & Discover Dogs.

She is a stunning dog, ideal for most briefs requiring expert pet talent.

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