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Freddie - Male Golden Retriever, Age: 4 years and 10 months

Freddie the male Golden Retriever is a lovable, biddable, bundle of fun. Everyone who meets him loves him; he is always so happy & eager to please. He is a laid back dog, with a great temperament. Freddie has been well socialised with other dogs, adults & children with no issues.

Pet Acting/Modelling Ability

He relaxes in new environments very quickly & learns new tricks easily. This boy loves anyone & also doesn't mind other animals; cats, horses, sheep, pigs & cows are his favourites. He is an advanced expert trick dog & has all basic obedience & a few tricks that he can follow confidently & can work from a distance or from an actor/stranger in any environment, as nothing fazes him.


Lie down
Play dead
Give both paws
Spin left/right
Act shy,
Touch (with nose)
Leave it
Fake wee on command
Happy to wear pet clothing & accessories
Will fetch & hold items in mouth
Go to mark to name but a few...

As well as obedience training, Freddie loves to compete in agility. He can complete all the equipment with great ease & is very agile. This has helped Freddie to learn & follow sequences which enable him to learn new skills. He is intelligent, charismatic & fun to work with.

Dog Acting/Modelling Experience

This stunning dog has pet modelling experience having worked for Scruffs; a dog bed company & he appears on the AVA nutrition for Pets at Home pet food packaging & 888 Casino 'Dogs Playing Poker' campaign & most recently he has appeared on the pet food packaging and marketing campaigns for Iams pet food and he worked on an advertising campaign for Vets for pets. Most recently Freddie appeared on the Pets at Home TV advert, which was shown on prime time TV around Britains Top 100 Dogs on ITV.

This experienced Retriever can work with children & people of all ages, as well as other animals including cats for roles according to his level of skill.

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