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Freddie - Female Poodle (Toy), Age: 3 years and 4 months

Freddie is a miniature Poodle. He appears black but he is a blue colour, which looks like a dark slate.

Pet Acting / Modelling Ability

Freddie is a very action-packed young dog, he enjoys agility, obedience, working trials & scent work (he can find anything that has been impregnated with the smell of catnip) as well as learning new tricks, he has also been a show dog.

He is very well trained on & off the lead & has his bronze good citizen KC award. He is incredibly fast & will do anything for a treat, a frisbee or a ball! Freddie’s handler is a dog trainer & experienced handler & can teach Freddie new skills upon request.

He excels in agility & obedience & does trick demos all around the country. Freddie can do mark work & can work from a distance & with strangers. He is very intelligent & quick to learn. He has a real sense of humour & especially loves teenagers & young children, in fact, he is a 'buddy reader' at his local school. He is friendly but polite with all people & also with other respectful dogs.

Freddie will work as a pack with Mojo & Tutu; i.e. will all sit or lie down together. He is good with other dogs & can happily work with them or people of all ages.


Walking on back legs
Act shy
Roll over
Driving a car
Riding a rocking horse
Play a musical piano
Hand a hanky
Comfortable walking on a moving treadmill
...to name but a few.

Dog Acting / Modelling Experience

He has pet modelling experience having done photo shoots for dog magazines as well as TV experience; on commercial sets, live TV & film sets - even a music festival stage. He was used for promotion work in the film Kingsman.

He is a fantastic pet for most roles requiring talent.

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