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Freddy - Male Mixed Breed, Age: 3 years and 3 months

Introducing Freddy a mixed breed striking Springer Spaniel x Border Collie with a social following and a ton of tricks under his belt.

Pet Acting / Modelling Ability

Freddy is a well-trained boy having completed a mixture of home training and club training having achieved his Kennel Club Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards. He is working towards an APDT award.

Lively, endless energy, eager to please - just some of the phrases that can describe Freddy. Sometimes with this enthusiasm can come a little sensitivity to noises and surfaces.

Freddy is good with other dogs, but would rather ignore them, which is an excellent trait for a model. He loves people that he can get very excited when first meeting them, especially children but this is being worked on.

As a highly motivated dog, he can sometimes get a little frustrated but he can also work well at a distance, which is essential for more complex roles.


Sit pretty
Bang/Play dead
Hide (paw on nose)
Paws on
Jump into arms
Give both paws
Paws in air
Middle (between legs)
Weave between legs
Walk backwards
Relax (head resting on something)
Hold (including holding food)

Social Media Pet Influencer

Not only is Freddy well trained, he is also super popular! He has even modelled for companies on Instagram such as Snapfish and FURBO.

Dog Acting / Modelling Experience

He has previously been a model for a bandana shop and he often gets requests from people due to his unique appearance and loveable character.

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