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Frida - Female French Bulldog cross Brussels Griffon, Age: 5 years and 1 months

Frida is a French Bulldog x Brussels Griffon female. She is a playful pooch named after Mexican artist Frida Kahlo. She shares her namesake’s prominent monobrow and creative streak.

Pet Acting / Modelling Ability

This little dog has boundless energy and endless affection for every dog she sees be they big or small. Her prominent underbite and flappy ears attract attention wherever she goes and makes her instantly recognizable.

She is better known for her looks than her tricks; in particular her prominent gnashers and her ears that flap in the breeze which looks great on camera! Her unique features make people laugh and scream in equal measure, which always makes for interesting conversations (or not).

Frida is a suitable model available to work with females only of all ages including children; she is indifferent to kids unless they have food but will happily get on with the job. She is best suited to small stills photography/studio briefs.

Frida is a stunningly unique pet, an ideal dog model for small briefs. She has been home-schooled resulting in a treat-driven trick repertoire.


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Dog Acting / Modelling Experience

She is used to being photographed and has modelled for several dog brands and photographers including Growlees & Helen Penny HQ.

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