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Harvey - Male French Bulldog, Age: 3 years and 1 months

Harvey is a stunning fawn French Bulldog. He is a pedigree dog with a great bloodline and is a good example of the breed. As you can see from his photographs, he is comfortable in front of the camera and working with / wearing props.

Pet Acting / Modelling Ability

This lovely French Bulldog has a wonderful temperament and is great with dogs of all sizes and people of all ages, including toddlers and young children, this makes him an ideal dog model and canine actor. To date, he hasn’t spent time around any other animals but is fine to work with actors.

He is trained in a variety of commands, both verbally and with hand signals. This makes photo shoots easier and allows the photographer to get the right shot. He is a very confident dog and is happy in new environments. Being on set with lots of noise, camera equipment and lighting is not a problem.

Harvey doesn’t like swimming, but would be fine in a bath or shallow water, otherwise, he has shown confidence in any other situation he has found himself in.

As a friendly, playful and loving dog, he does like to act like a clown on occasion, which only adds to his fun character! His favourite games include playing tug and fetch.


Lie down
Wait (if food is placed in front of him)
High 5
Up (jump onto something)
Off (jump off something)
Ding a bell
Stop (when called will stop midway)

Social Media Pet Influencer

Harvey has a strong Instagram following which is growing daily, making him a popular social media influencer for any brand wasnting to marketing a product effectively.

Dog Acting / Modelling Experience

He has previous experience in two promotional films, where he was required to act/ interact with props, for example, wearing headphones, sitting at a desk, carrying a packet of treats.

This gorgeous boy is available for hire for roles that suit his skill set.

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