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Harvey Moon

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Harvey Moon - Female Pomeranian, Age: 7 years and 7 months

Harvey Moon is a stunning White male Pomeranian. This pooch has an extensive modelling portfolio. Having started out in life as a puppy farm dog, Harvey Moon has certainly had a change of lifestyle now travelling up & down the country modelling for many fashion shoots & shows.

Pet Acting/Modelling Ability

Harvey is undeniably a star in his own right being both stunning & lovable. He thrives in front of the camera & clearly loves what he does! His handler regularly uses pet-friendly dye to change his appearance which can be done upon request for a specific role. Harvey is great with people of all ages including children & loves attention. He is good with other dogs as long as they are not too boisterous as he is so small and gets used to other animals very quickly. This Pomeranian is well trained & excel’s at obedience & can perform a few tricks also which all can be performed from a distance.


Lie down
Give his paw
Stand on hind legs (Dance)
Lift both paws quickly (Stick em up)
Play dead
High 5
Look at the camera & say please (put both paws on arm)
Go to mark
Walk on a lead
Happy to be carried
Will wear pet clothing/accessories
Comfortable walking on a moving treadmill

Social Media Pet Influencer

As well as strutting his stuff in front of the camera, Harvey is also a popular social media pet influencer on Facebook the ideal pet for social media campaigns!

Dog Acting/Modelling Experience

He has appeared in various UK magazines, photoshoots & newspapers, as well as many international press & magazines. Harvey Moon has also done a considerable amount of filming work having appeared in Wiley & Roll Deep's music video 'All or Nothing' & was dyed green with vegetable dog dye. His career has certainly been colourful having been green, purple, blue & green & red for a special Christmas photoshoot but his naturally beautiful White coat is most definitely most sought after. He recently filmed 'shaking dogs' advert for Karcher and was the face of Zenith Energy Saving Experts with his sister Connie having had an animated series of photos created for their company.

This cute pooch is the perfect dog for suitable roles according to his skill level.

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