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Hazel - Male Border terrier, Age: 12 years and 8 months

Hazel is a female Border terrier, she will take direction from anyone and is a social media star as well as pet actor. If you are looking for an older dog with tons of experience and over 300 tricks...this is the dog for your next project.

Pet Acting / Modelling Ability

She has a gentle personality & friendly temperament & playful, cheeky & fun for her age. She is very intelligent & aims to please. Hazel is very motivated & enjoys performing tricks & agility. Because she is older she doesn't have the stamina of a young dog & can sometimes get overwhelmed if under pressure, however, she copes well on set.

This clever little dog has passed her Bronze & Silver GCDS in one day & responds well to commands & can work from a distance.

Hazel is very fit & active for her age, & despite the saying, she readily learns new tricks. She has competed & done displays at many large dog shows & will happily pose for a camera. She is good with other dogs, people & animals.

Social Media Pet Influencer

As well as being an exceptionally talented pet she is also a social media influencers, having a mass Facebook following, an ideal platform for any brand wanting to market a product or service.


Hazel also has 300+ tricks which include;

Play dead
Paint with a paintbrush
Shut the door
Ring a bell
Retrieve a newspaper
Take off socks
Fake wee
...to name but a few.

Dog Acting / Modelling Experience

Hazel has previous modelling experience having worked on my TV adverts and with no issue working on location or in a studio environment.

This stunning pet with heaps of character is a suitable pet for a wide variety of roles requiring pet talent.

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