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Iggy - Female Schnoodle, Age: 2 years and 5 months

Iggy is an adorable miniature Schnoodle, a mix of a Schnauzer & Poodle. She is very friendly & loving with heaps of character.

Pet Acting / Modelling Ability

She is very energetic as you would expect for a dog of her age but she can also calm down when asked to. Schnoodle's are known to be smart, active & adorable & Iggy ticks all of these boxes!

Iggy is well socialised, growing up with children in the house & other dogs, Iggy can work well with both - she loves everybody! She is very eager to please, willing to learn & food oriented, she'll do anything for a treat making her very easy to train.

She also attends training classes weekly & is working towards her bronze award. This pooch doesn't make a fuss when having clothes put on her & she is used to wearing coats & onesies, making her ideal for pet modelling briefs.


Give her paw
High five
Back up
Lie down
Comfortable walking on a treadmill

She is great with dogs & children and a suitable dog for small pet modelling roles.

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