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Jazz - Male Deerhound, Age: 4 years and 11 months

Jazz is a 3-year-old male Deerhound. This hound is a show dog & a fine example of his breed with a combination of elegance of proportion, with a down to earth workmanlike look. This gentle & friendly giant has a really soppy nature loving everyone & everything.

Pet Acting/modelling Ability

Like most Deerhounds, he doesn't do a lot in the way of tricks, but he has all basic obedience is best suited to stills photography briefs or editorial work or small pet modelling roles.


Lie down
Sleep/sprawl out on a bed or sofa & look regal & handsome
Jump up/on an object

Deerhounds are as fast as Greyhounds & can run like the wind with a long stride; great if an action shot was needed.

Jazz is a handsome boy with beautiful dark brown eyes & a shaggy thick coat resembling a roughly coated greyhound but much larger in size. He loves to play frisbee & football & has a docile & even temperament. He is great with children of all ages, people & other dogs.

This large breed dog is a suitable pet model for small roles requiring pet talent.

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