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Jude - Male French Bulldog, Age: 3 years and 4 months

Jude the French Bulldog male is a stunning blue colour with the most captivating light coloured eyes and a very expressional face. He is sturdy & solid in appearance with big bat ears typical for the breed.

Pet Acting/Modelling Ability

Jude is full of energy & deeply affectionate with a fierce intelligence for his age. He is doing very well with his obedience training & will confidently follow commands well. He is highly food motivated & will do anything for his chicken. He is super friendly, obedient & loves human company making this Frenchy suitable to work with strangers/actors including children.


Lie down
High five
Jump up
Give his paw
High ten (both paws)
Give kisses
Ring a bell
Comfortable walking on a moving treadmill
Happy to wear pet clothing & accessories

It takes him a very short amount of time to pick things up, so is very receptive to learning new things.

Social Media Pet Influencer

Jude is one of a kind popular pooch with a huge social media following on Instagram. He was born to be in-front of the camera, so it is not hard to see why brands love this little Frenchie.

Dog Acting/Modelling Experience

Jude is highly photogenic, & has pet modelling experience & has modelled for Not on the High Street, Barley & Bayley & We Love to Create & Pure Pet Food. He is very handsome & a suitable pet for stills photography, fashion editorial and working with props or accessories. He is very patient & allows you to dress him up however you please. He is not fazed by much & he is very adaptable. He loves all animals, people & children & they love him.

Jude shot with ilkafranz.com on a stills photography shoot, so is used to a studio environment, he is a fantastic dog model for most job descriptions. He also appeared on the front cover of BARK LIFE magazine. Most recently Jude worked on an influencer marketing campaign for Amazon, reviewing their pet products and also TikTok; a media app for creating and sharing short videos.

Jude is a suitable pet for small roles according to his dog skill set.

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