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Kestral - Female Norwegian Buhund, Age: 18 years and 7 months

Kestral is a Norwegian Buhund (pretty rare in the UK - only around 30 bred a year here). The Buhund is a breed of dog of the Spitz type, used as an all-purpose farm & herding dog. Kestral is a stunning dog, extremely unique, with a wolf-like look but with big melting brown eyes! These are big dogs in a medium dog's body - weighing just 14kg she is massively versatile.

Pet Acting / Modelling Ability

Kestral is particularity good at bedding shots where the dog needs to look cosy as she will lie on her side & rest her head on command. She will stay in any position until released, whether that's crossing her paws, resting her head, taking a bow, placing a paw on a product etc. This also makes her great for interactive shoots such as pet parcels which may need a dog to open a box with their nose, paw at products etc.

Kestral prefers to work as a lone dog but will happily work with other animals! She is a bit of a one-woman dog so prefers to work with her owner/handler. She's good with other animals & lives with chickens, rabbits & has lived with hamsters, cats & other dogs. She prefers not to be in close proximity to dogs she doesn't know & isn't keen on children.

Being food motivated she is incredibly reliable & listens intently for the next command. In addition to this, she loves the outdoors; she will jump over logs, climb ladders, jump into rivers, fetch a ball & can do all this on command!


Over 40 tricks and behaviours including...

Play dead
Commando crawl
Tidy things away
Jumping over things
Spin (right & left)
Show teeth
Lick lips
Open washing machine & put items inside
Close/open draw
Put an item in a draw
Slam dunk (put an object in a net)
Close door
Kiss - (touches cheek)
Double high 5
Dance (walks on hind legs)
Up (will jump on to most surfaces such as chairs, walls, logs etc)
Tango dance
Distance down
Touch nose
Paw target
Jiggles her back feet as a dance move
Remote (fetch/bring)
Rest head (on object or floor)
Get slippers
Put an item in a bin
Shy dog (covers nose)
Dribble football
Jump up
Head a football

She will do practically anything you need on cue - & if she doesn't already, name it & she can likely be trained to.

Dog Acting / Modelling Experience

Kestral has pet modelling experience as a model for Pets at Home, and most recently this talented pooch worked with Jaguar Land Rover on an audio podcast, meaning Kestral had to respond to hand signals only, which she excelled with. The podcast reached number 2 in the iTunes family podcasts & has received great reviews.

In all, this exceptionally talented pet is an ideal animal actor for any roles requiring expert talent.

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