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Kevin - Male Cairn Terrier, Age: 2 years and 4 months

Kevin is a super cute red male, Chow Chow. He is purebred & Kennel Club registered & one big ball of fluff, currently at the smaller end for a fully-grown male Chow. He is very happy & well-socialised pet, meaning he’s great at adapting to new situations/environments & fabulous at meeting new people, including small children (as a walking teddy bear, he is used to getting lots of attention & having strangers pet him & take his photo regularly).

Pet Acting/Modelling Ability

He is comfortable & confident in travelling by car, train & other forms of public transport also. Per his breed, he is not one to do what he is told without some kind of reward, but when food is involved that changes everything. He is absolutely food motivated & to date, he has all basic commands. He is happy to dress up wearing pet clothing & accessories & is comfortable working in different locations & also with props. He is incredibly friendly with all that he meets being other dogs or humans including children.


Lie down
High five (both paws)
Give paw (both paws)
Give a kiss (
Fetch & hold an item in his mouth.

Social Media Pet Influencer

Kevin was featured on ITV’s ‘Teach my Pet’ with Nando & Jo-Rosie when he was only 4 months old & was completely at ease with all of the animals he met (including cats, horses & ferrets). He was also unfazed by the film crew & equipment & took direction from strangers very well. As well as this, Kevin was one of the selected pet models for Helen Penny’s Pet Pillow Company. He was recently invited to attend The National Pet Show in Birmingham & coped with the crowds & the vast numbers of people petting him, exceptionally well.

Most recently, this handsome boy has worked with Madame Tussaud's for the launch of the Tom Hardy's waxwork. Most recently Kevin worked with Retail giant Boohoo.Com on their 'In a Relationship with my dog campaign'. He worked with models posing up a storm and was the perfect model on duty for the day.

With his lovely temperament & relaxed laid back temperament, and not to mention his handsome good looks, this makes him an ideal pet for small roles according to his skill set.

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