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Kick - Female Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Age: 2 years and 4 months

Kick is a tri colour female Cavalier King Charles Spaniel female. She is very pretty & typical of the breed in that she has a great temperament & is happy with people & other dogs.

Pet Acting / Modelling Ability

For her young age Kick is trained to a high level. She is trick trained & already responds to many cues. She holds the title of Expert Trick Dog in the Do More With Your Dog scheme.

Her handler is working with Kick so that she can follow commands from strangers/actors & also work confidently on cue. Kick has a lovable personality with no issues towards other dogs, adults or children.


Fetching a bottle from a cupboard
Shutting the cupboard door
Pushing a trolley
Playing basketball
Rolling herself in a blanket
Putting tissues in the bin
Opening cupboards to get drinks
and many more...

She is a suitable dog for most roles according to her ability & skill set.

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