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Kinsey - Female German Shepherd, Age: 3 years

Kinsey is a stunning German Shepherd that has a great repertoire of tricks and is all about fun. This adorable girl loves life and all that it brings.

Pet Acting / Modelling Ability

Kinsey is very agile as she is a small GSD so is capable of more demanding positions than most GSD’s cannot achieve. This aspiring dog model is good with adults and children but likes to focus on her handler when working rather than interacting with others. She is very good with dogs/horses and most other animals.

Kinsey is a clever dog, she competes in Kennel Club Obedience show and has her Kennel Club Gold Citizen Award and most recently she has qualified for the Northern Obedience team and will be attending Crufts to compete also. As well as this Kinsey can work well from a distance, which is great for photo shoots and distance work on set.

As a confident dog she is not fazed by different environments she will work practically anywhere and is not bothered by loud noises. Although she is great worker Kinz does need to be able to see her handler and is better working for her owner rather than strangers.

She can work to hand signals for some cues and will do nearly anything for her ball.


Walk backwards
Send away to a marker
Scent work
10 min down stay
3 min sit stay
Twist both ways
Weave through your legs
Give paw
Hand touch
Shake water off
Speak/bark on command
Retrieve an object to name but a few....

In all, this clever canine is perfect for skilled roles in film, television and photo shoots, so get in touch to get this dog involved in your next project. She also lives with Sherlock the male German Shepherd.

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