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Laila - Female Cocker Spaniel, Age: 1 years and 4 months

Laila is a golden Cocker Spaniel that really lives up to what the breed is known for. A petite little girl for her breed, at almost 15inches to the wither, but her big personality makes up for her small frame. She is convinced she's the size of a boxer and is always raring to go with energy, enthusiasm & stamina.

Pet Acting / Modelling Ability

Laila is a hugely friendly pup & well socialised with other dogs & people. She tends to veer towards bigger dogs to interact with but is gentle with young puppies & submissive with older dogs.

This little girl learns at an extremely quick pace, & is eager to please.

She has appeared to be a little wary of other animals (namely cats) but with an introduction is absolutely fine with them after formal introduction. All in all, Laila is a well-rounded, she is extremely well behaved & as all Cocker pups go, she is also bouncing off the walls with energy. When channelled into useful outlets, that energy can produce remarkable results.

She is an extremely friendly & well mannered Cocker Spaniel but can get excited. She especially loves children & will respond to commands from a child. Laila will also respond to commands from an actor/stranger with no issues.


Lie down
Hold an item
Walk nicely on a lead
Walk to heel
Head on floor
Back up

Dog Modelling/Acting Experience

Laila has lots of pet modelling experience both on location and also within a studio environment. She has worked for Dyson within a studio taking direction well from the photographer. She most recently worked on location with an actor for Land Rover taking direction well in a busy environment and with her handler out of eye sight with no issues.

She is always learning new skills & can be taught a specific behaviour on request with notice.

She is a suitable pet for small roles requiring pet talent.

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