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Lily - Female Golden Retriever, Age: 6 years and 9 months

Lily is a stunning Golden Retriever. She is exceptionally well trained, well behaved, dependable & most of all gentle. This lovely dog relaxes in new environments very quickly and picks up tricks with speed and ease.

Pet Acting / Modelling Ability

She can roam freely & calmly around livestock, including sheep, chickens & horses along with her brothers (who can also be booked to work with Lily). Her temperament makes her a perfect pet. She is wonderfully well behaved and social with babies, children, strangers & animals large or small. Lily and her brothers get on perfectly with cats having lived with them and ALL dogs young/ old/ male/ female. She has a beautiful silky cream coat, with beautiful dark black pigmentation on her nose and a black framing around her eyes which make her look striking.

Along with her brothers Darcy and Boris she is always kept in an immaculate condition being groomed twice a week. They are all registered Pets as Therapy dogs (PAT) and therefore have a calm even and sociable temperaments, suitable pets around people of all ages.

Lilly is absolutely beautiful pet with a temperament to match & enjoys competing in shows & meeting lots of other dogs or people. She is a true Retriever who is as much at home in the water as a duck is. She is the most thoughtful & calm natured Golden Retriever. She is incredibly intelligent & inquisitive with a crazy amount of tricks under her belt. She is a qualified Therapy Dog with a beautiful temperament & is incredibly responsive & obedient, picking up tricks fast. She can all perform her tricks using just hand signals when needed and can often perform tricks at a large distance, in a variety of locations & will also respond to commands from a stranger/actor & young children. Her patience is second to none, her ‘sit and recall’ distance is well over 100m & is only restricted by the field that they use for training.


Lie Down
Go to mark
Walk on lead
Walk like a human
Push a skateboard
Play shy
Stamp her front feet
Play dead
Prayers/say goodnight, ‘put them up’
Back up
Spin in both directions
Bark on command
Put laundry away
Tilt head
Sit pretty
Comfortable walking on a moving treadmill
Open/close doors to name but a few
Fake limp
Growl on command
Say prayers
Open/close doors
Go to mark
Spin left/right
Synchronised front feet march with handler
Walk backwards
Tilt head
Kiss on command

Dog Acting / Modelling Experience

Lily has pet modelling experience for both stills and film. All three Retrievers were selected to become the faces of a very well known dog brand Beaphar (lactol).

In true Golden Retriever style, she is great around babies, toddlers, children, adults & animals of ALL sizes (from chickens/ cats/ frogs to dogs/horses/ pigs and sheep.

She is a suitable pet for a wide variety of roles requiring expert pet talent.

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