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Maple - Female Hungarian Vizla, Age: 3 years and 8 months

Maple, the Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla, is a female just under 2 years of age. She is a very fast & agile dog. For her breed, she is highly intelligent, obedient & patient making her very easy to train. Maple is gentle-mannered & very affectionate making her a very lovable animal. She can either have a 'scruffy' look or be trimmed for a neater finish.

Dog Modelling/Acting Ability

Maple is trained by a professional dog trainer at KC gold level. Her owner/handler has thought her a wide range of tricks already, from working at a distance & on cue. For her young age, she can work to both hand & voice commands/signals and from a distance. She has already won competitions in freestyle & is very quick at learning new tricks so can easily fit any requirements. She also competes in heelwork to music & is soon to start competing in freestyle to music. Maple has a good stay ideal for stills photography shots.

Maple loves people & other dogs & is calm around loud noises & unfamiliar surrounds. She will work for anyone taking commands & will be calm if asked.




Lie down


Chin on paws

Paw over face

Away to a target

Paw work at a distance


Turn & look in opposite direction

Creep to name but a few.

Pet Modelling experience

Maple worked with Argos 'Petercise' home fitness campaign (images below). She worked well on set taking direction from a stranger with no issues.

She is an excellently well-trained dog that is full of life ideal for any role requiring expert pet talent.

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