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Marge - Female Jack Russell Terrier, Age: 6 years and 3 months

Marge is an adult Jack Russell Terrier female. She is a confident little girl with stunning good looks, with brown patches over both eyes. For her age, Marge has a ‘puppy’ appeal as she looks exceptionally young and petite in size making her suitable for puppy roles

Everyone has commented on her calm attitude on set and ‘professionalism’ in front of the camera!!

Pet Acting / Modelling Ability

Marge has a fantastic temperament and is very people orientated; she adores people of all ages including children. She is best working alone rather than with other dogs as she can be distracted. This stunning terrier has pet modelling experience and can work from a distance as well as follow commands given from a stranger with no issues. Marge can happily wear pet clothing & accessories and will also work with props.


Down (including down from afar with hand signals)
Give her paw
High 5
Sit up (meerkat style)
Ring a bell (hotel reception bell)

Social Media Pet Influencer

She also a fast-growing following on Instagram & this is growing daily. Marge is fast becoming a popular social media pet influencer.

Dog Acting / Modelling Experience

Marge has stills photography & filming experience having worked for Sizzix on their latest lifestyle shoot. She has also been the Jack Russell on Eukanuba pet food and most recently a fashion editorial for Boden British retailer which required Marge to work with a model; responding to commands. Most recently this pretty pooch has worked with online designer fashion outlet MrPorter which include designer Baume & Mercier.

This petite terrier is very attentive & eager to learn with an energetic nature making her an ideal pet model for most job roles working with adults & children.

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