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Marley - Male Cocker Spaniel, Age: 2 years and 10 months

Introducing Marley, an extremely friendly and outgoing male Cocker Spaniel. He has a brilliant temperament and his tail wags constantly. Marley is a strikingly handsome chap, lapping up and revelling in the attention this brings on his travels.

Pet Acting/Modelling Ability

Marley loves off lead walks and adores having fun swimming and retrieving articles from the water. True to his breed he is a real-life action dog. He loves attending his scent work classes and is spot on with finding the scented article. Marley settles on his bed whilst the other dogs work close by. This kind of behaviour is ideal for a pet actor, especially if working with other dogs.

He thrives on using his brain and learning new skills, he is very happy to be rewarded with treats. Marley can work to voice or hand signals and at a distance and will also work with strangers for treats. He has no issues with other dogs and/or children making this well trained and obedient pet ideal for a variety of roles.

This Spaniel is fine around other dogs lives with 2 and home boards regularly with other dogs, can be submissive if entire males. Marley is fine with children and other people of all ages. He can work with other dogs no problem but unfortunately not with cats.

His full of beans character has a real zest for life and desire to please and be loved. A fun companion with whom to share adventures and the giver of the best cuddles imaginable. Equally at home up a mountain or on the sofa, Marley is a confident chap readily taking to any situation thrown at him.

This handsome pet is well socialised; he is a confident boy who has a brilliant temperament.


Lie down
Stand, stay
High 5
Turn left/right
Stand on (objects),
Jump up/on/over an object
Go to your bed/or blanket and knows settle
Happy to wear pet clothing & accessories
Willing to learn new tricks too.

In all, this stunning chap is a suitable pet model for a wide variety of roles according to his skill set.

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