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Marty Mcfly

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Marty Mcfly - Male Pug, Age: 4 years and 5 months

Marty McFly aka Marty is a 3-year-old male Pug. He is a very loyal & loving little boy & loves to socialize & play with other dogs especially other pugs. He is very friendly with all that he meets & adores people especially when given attention & fussed over.

Pet Acting/Modelling Ability

He is obedient & well trained for Pug & to date can perform many skills. He can also work from a distance & can learn new skills on request with notice. Marty can work with props, other dog, people of all ages including children and he will also respond to commands from a stranger/actor with no issues. Marty is very photogenic & will sit perfectly still (with a bribe of some chicken!) for photos. He has had numerous photo shoots & each photographer has complimented how well behaved & natural he is in front of the camera. He can give a great ‘Pug Tilt’ especially if food words are used.


Lie down
Reach for the sky
Give paw
Walk on hind legs
Press a buzzer
Ring a bell, high 5
Roll over
Comfortable walking on a moving treadmill

Dog Acting/Modelling Experience

Marty has pet modelling experience, having recently worked on The Gold Pug advert for SkyBet & Lad Bible filming with 5 other Pugs to promote The Cheltenham Cup where he took part in a pug race. He also appeared in a BBC campaign video feature raising awareness of foods you should not feed your dogs at Christmas.

This Pug is in top condition, a fine example of his breed. He is a suitable pet talent for small roles according to his level of skill.

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